Beginning July 1st, due to a new Florida law, Florida customers will receive a second email at the time of order. Please follow instructions to use your photo ID to verify your age. Your order will not be shipped without ID age verification.


Does TKK test its kratom?

Our kratom is tested by an independently certified laboratory.

Do you have age restrictions?

Absolutely.  We do not sell kratom to anyone under the age of 21.

    What is the cutoff time for overnight shipping?

    To be guaranteed that an order will ship the same day that you place your order, it must be received, paid for and timestamped by our online system by 4 PM, Pacific Time (Monday through Friday).  To guarantee same day shipping on Saturday your order must be received prior to 12 PM.

      I want to cancel an order and/or get a refund. What do I need to do?

      We can easily refund on whichever payment method you used.  Please email us at with your order number.

      I don't like what I ordered (Not as good as usual, first time and didn't like it). Can I get a refund?

      If you think you have received a defective batch, please feel free to let us know. We want you to be as happy as possible. We will then check and see if there have been any other complaints that came from your batch. In the event that something turns out to be wrong, we will happily send out a replacement. However, if we determine that there are no issues with the batch, or it just turns out that you don't like a particular type of product, we are unable to offer refunds/replacements. You must contact us within 30 days of receipt of your product, in writing for any refund or replacement. At our discretion we may require that you send a sample back to us for further testing.

        Oops! I ordered the wrong thing. Can I send it back and have a replacement shipped out?
        Unfortunately, if the mistake was on your end, we are unable to accept returns (Would you like thinking that your Kratom may have been sent to somebody's house and then returned to us before it was sent to you?).

          I didn't get what I ordered (wrong thing, not enough of it, etc).
          Due to the strict order process we now have in place, we're going to take this on a case by case basis (Us sending powder instead of leaf could possibly happen. Us sending 1 gram of extract when you ordered 100 grams is much less likely).

            Do you offer price matching?
            Due to the fluctuation in kratom quality we are not offering price matching.  Many vendors do not pursue sterilization and lab testing of their products so their products can be sold cheaply.

              I live in the Reno area. Can I stop by and pick up an order?
              Place your order online and we will have it ready for you for curbside pickup.

              Can I get a sample of a certain type of Kratom?

              It depends what/how much you're looking for (It definitely never hurts to ask). You can request them in the notes field while placing an order or via email to

                Shipping Questions

                • UPS
                  • I don't see Saturday Shipping as an option. How do I choose it?
                    • Saturday shipping is only an available option from 2 pm PST Thursday through 2 pm PST Friday. If you would like Saturday delivery you must place your order during that time.
                • USPS
                  • The tracking number you sent me for my USPS shipment has been showing that it's stuck in Nevada for the last couple of days, and it never moved. Why isn't it on its way here?
                    • As USPS explained it to us, the number you receive is a Delivery Confirmation number - Not a Tracking Number. As such, it often isn't updated until it's delivered to you. So rest assured it's on its way.
                  • I never received my shipment, although the USPS site shows that it was delivered. Can you send me a replacement?
                    • Unfortunately, we have to rely on what USPS tells us concerning shipments. If it shows that it was delivered, we have to operate as if it were. Please don't take it personally, we're not calling you a liar. We would just be opening ourselves up to too much liability if we offered a replacement for every USPS shipment that showed as "Delivered".
                • CODs
                  • For COD shipments, please choose a USP shipping option. This payment method is not available via USPS.
                  • If a COD shipment is refused and/or unclaimed, you will be unable to place future COD orders with us and may be held responsible for the shipping charges we spent to send the package to you.
                  • We will only accept a Money order or Cashiers check for your COD payment. Please make it out to The Kratom King and have it available when FedEx arrives.
                • I ordered overnight shipping but didn't get it overnight. How do I get a refund?
                  • If your shipment was delayed because of us, or because of our shipper(s), email shipping@thekratomking, and we will take care of you.
                  • If your shipment was delayed because of you (Order was placed after the cutoff, you provided the wrong shipping address, etc), we won't be able to offer a refund.
                Payment options
                • For Credit Card Payments: Sit back and relax while you wait for your shipping confirmation which will contain tracking information for your order.
                • For Zelle payments: Please send payment to and include your order number or name in the message portion of the payment. You may need to re-enter our payment email due to a recent change in banks. 
                • For Wire Transfers (Remember you save $50 on all orders $400 or more): Email for wire information. 
                • For Crypto Payments: Email for Bitcoin remittance address.
                • For COD payments: You will need a Money Order or Cashier's Check made out to The Kratom King or Unlimited Imagination LLC available for the total amount of your order at the time of delivery. 
                • For eCheck payments: If you were not automatically transferred to our eCheck system please contact us at or you can text/call us at 775-548-6343. Entering your account information twice will generate 2 eChecks.